June 25, 2012

PC Backup: If You Do Nothing Else For Security, Do This

Some people are vigilant about PC security. Others choose to be lax. While I can see the argument for eschewing antivirus programs, firewalls and other standard security installations, I […] Continue Reading…

June 9, 2012

Web Browser Battle: Which One Should You Use?

Of the top web browsers in the market, you really can’t go wrong with any one. Whether you use Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you’ll likely find the […] Continue Reading…

May 27, 2012

12 Types Of Software This Business User Is Thankful For

There is, literally, an innumerable amount of software out there. More than what you’ll ever need and more than what you’ll ever care to know, definitely. And, in all […] Continue Reading…

May 13, 2012

How To Restore Windows When Your PC Won’t Start

You turn on your PC. Windows boot-up times usually take a short while, so you pick up your phone, like you do every morning, and check your email there […] Continue Reading…

May 3, 2012

How To Maximize Your Windows Laptop’s Battery Life

Someday, all our laptops will be efficient enough to last a full 24 hours on a single charge. Since that day isn’t likely to come for a long while, […] Continue Reading…

April 25, 2012

Useful Utilities To Get For Your PC Today

Most new Windows computers come with essential utilities, many of them built into the operating system itself. Unless you know how to use them, though, they’ll likely just sit […] Continue Reading…

April 13, 2012

The Tricky Business Of Recovering Lost Files

You lost an important file that you need. Strike that — it’s a file that you really, really need. Don’t panic just yet. The calmer you can stay, the […] Continue Reading…

April 3, 2012

What You Need To Start Making Videos On Your Computer

If the glut of user-generated content on YouTube doesn’t make a point of it yet, making videos is now incredibly accessible. Even with zero experience in editing movies, in […] Continue Reading…

March 22, 2012

Tools For Digital Scrapbooking

Thinking of getting into digital scrapbooking (or, as the internets call it, digi-scrapping)? If you are, you’ll probably need more than just a computer and an internet connection to […] Continue Reading…

March 12, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking: Is It As Fun As Real Papercraft?

There was a time when I worked as a moderator on a craft forum. My main interest was building action dioramas, although I did appreciate the range of arts […] Continue Reading…

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