Avast Vs. Kaspersky

Compare Avast vs. Kaspersky. See pros and cons of Avast vs. Kaspersky and easily decide which antivirus software is right for you.

Millions of computers around the globe become victims of virus attacks. Your computer could also be one. Malware and virus can tamper with your sensitive information, spam your mailbox, reduce the speed of your system or cause it to crash completely. Rebuilding and restoring the functionality of a system after a malware attack can be big affair. So it’s always good to have a good anti-malware software installed on your system and protect it from malware attacks.

The innumerable choices available in the can overwhelm you because you won’t know which one is the best. As of now, the competition is Avast vs. Kaspersky, two of the top ten performers in the anti-virus domain. Although Kaspersky is the winner of the Silver Award for internet security, avast too is competing well.

So which anti-virus software should you buy? Well, here’s a comparison to help you choose between the two.

Avast Vs. Kaspersky Antivirus Software Comparison

Protection And Performance

When it comes to combating zero-day malware threats, Kaspersky, be it Internet Security, Total Security or Anti-virus, proves 100 percent effective. This implies the Kaspersky’s virus definitions are up-to-date, which prevents systems from being attacked by the latest malware. Even in the case of prevalent malware threats, the software seems to be highly effective. Not only this, the software doesn’t slow down your system like most other software do. It maintains the same speed even when you are opening heavy applications and features.

Kaspersky Internet Security has a huge list of features, including safe-surfing, two-way firewall, social media management tools, identity theft protection, geo-filter for threat blocking, and online banking mode. It also provides parental control options, which are very useful in creating and monitoring different user profiles.

But Avast anti-virus doesn’t seem to match up with Kaspersky Internet Security in terms of protection. If you consider prevalent and zero-day threats, Avast anti-virus showed a detection rate of only 99 percent. This implies that your system will still be a little vulnerable to certain threats. This is likely to occur even when you have the latest virus definitions installed.

When it comes to performance, Avast anti-virus lags behind to some extent. You may face some difficulty while launching certain websites on Google Chrome or using any heavy application. Nonetheless, certain positive aspects of Avast anti-virus shouldn’t be neglected. It provides a safe environment for playing free games, sandbox for using unsafe applications, and personal information management and identity protection systems.

The verdict for this round of Avast vs Kaspersky, the winner is certainly Kaspersky.

User Interface

User interface is something nobody would like to compromise with. But talking about the Avast vs. Kaspersky user interface, the comparison seems to be tough. Perhaps Kaspersky has the best user interface in the anti-virus domain. The features are placed systematically, and you won’t have any trouble finding them. The get the same seamless experience while navigating from one section to another. As such, Kaspersky products, be it Total Security, Anti-virus or Internet Security, outscores many other software in terms of user interface.

Avast anti-virus provides a glitch-free user interface, but it is not as good as the provided by Kaspersky products. The smoothness in navigation provided by Kaspersky is lacking in Avast anti-virus to some extent. UI elements and navigation in Avast anti-virus are not as intuitive as that of Kaspersky products. This is where Avast anti-virus falls short in ratings compared to Kaspersky products.

Security Packages And Pricing

The security packages and pricing are important factors to consider while buying an anti-virus software. Let’s check out the packages and pricing offered by both Kaspersky and Avast.


The three major security plans offered by Kaspersky are:

  • Kaspersky Anti-virus: This provides premium security for systems with Windows. It is priced at $39.95, by paying which you get Kaspersky algorithms, one PC license for a year, and quick system scanning speed.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security: Although the price of this package is $59.95, you are likely to get a lot of features for that price. You have the same level of protection for Android and Mac. The best part: you just need a single subscription. It’s going to protect all your devices from virus attacks.
  • Kaspersky Total Security: This is a multi-platform that provides protection for all operating systems– Android, Mac, Windows, and not the forget, iPhone also. The price of $79.95 is worth paying for such security features. 


On the other hand, Avast anti-virus also provides three security plans, which are:

  • Avast Pro Anti-virus: This is the basic security plan from Avast which is priced at $39.99. This plan provides sandboxing features and standard protection from offline viruses.
  • Avast Internet Security: This is the dedicated security package for protecting against internet-based viruses and threats. From DNS Hijacking to Email Spam, this plan can protect your system against all sorts of online threats. You can get this package for $49.99 for your Windows PC.
  • Avast Premier: This package provides the highest level of protection to systems. Packed with features such as Software Updater, Data Shredder and Avast Account, it is effective in fighting against both online and offline virus threats. You can get this package by paying $69.99.

Although both Avast and Kaspersky provide similar security packages, Kaspersky seems to be a better choice when it comes to features. It’s actually worth paying a little more and getting top-end security in return. 

Avast Vs. Kaspersky: Final Verdict

Although both Kaspersky and Avast are good anti-malware software, their features seem to outperform each other. Avast is a much more affordable an option. But Kaspersky products seem to provide better features for a higher price. In addition, Kaspersky can be used on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, thus ensuring protection for all devices in the family. It also doesn’t slow down your system and ruin your experience. After all, good malware-detection features and smooth user interface are all that you need. As such, in the Avast vs. Kaspersky comparison, Kaspersky seems to outperform Avast and becomes a better option as an anti-malware software.

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